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Here at 3D Printing Haus we’ll print what you want, when you want it. We are 3D Print Prototyping specialists and offer leading 3D Printing in Hampshire.

With a range of technologies our team of technicians and model makers already produce: gadgets, prototypes, components, TV/Film special effects, decorative items, models, shapes and production parts for media, agencies and retail outlets. We are experts at 3D Printing in the Hampshire area.

Whether it’s small-scale bespoke one-off items, a replica with highly defined detail or simply part of a larger than life prop or sculpture, our team offer pinpoint accuracy, delivered within your specified timeframe and budget. If you need 3D Printing in Hampshire or beyond, please do get in contact and we can start your 3D print prototyping journey. We offer leading 3D Printing, Hampshire & beyond!

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Simply give our friendly team a call on 01962 777 628.