3D Printing

Our team of technicians will either use your 2D drawing or a 3D digital representation from which to print your 3D prototype.

The latter is the 3D printer’s instruction and will output an accurate replica every time.   If you supply 2D drawings our team will convert it into a 3D digital image which you can check from all angles.

Once you’ve approved the 3D digital representation, we’ll set to work making your prototype. Using the 3D digital image, the Leapfrog Bolt Pro extrudes Polylactic Acid (PLA) plastic to fuse layer print, in other words, build up very thin circular layer lines to create your item efficiently and accurately.

Whether it’s a component, prop, model, letter or shape the replica will be printed to within a millimetre’s accuracy.

Complimenting 3D with CNC

Because our team are also experienced in milling and machining larger bespoke items from polystyrene we can create whatever you need, at any size, from a mixture of materials.

This means we offer clients greater flexibility and versatility by blending 3D printing with CNC polystyrene machining, techniques which are perfectly compatible when it comes to producing larger scale items and sculptures.

By creating the larger components in polystyrene and printing the more delicate, detailed elements 3D, we’re able to join the separate components together, applying a hard resin coating overall, followed by a primer and then the specified finishing touches to produce a perfectly seamless and robust item of any shape or size.  Your model will not only be stunning but also strong and durable.

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Once the item is printed, our technicians will finish your item/s by hand.  Sanding down, removing any excess Polylactic Acid (PLA), applying a resin coating to cover any joins, sanding back to remove any excess and then applying primer.  The item is then ready for painting and any vinyl touches. Simply choose from our wide range of paint, glitter and vinyl, acrylic finishes.

Duplicate or Mirror

Because the Leapfrog Bolt Pro has two separate heads, we can print two items simultaneously, provided they are a certain size.  With the 3D digital image programmed, the 3D printer will produce two identical items, alternatively if you wish one to mirror the other, our technicians will ensure the machine is programmed accordingly.

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